Reality Fiction

  "Reality Fiction" - About the Production

The Traveler was shot on location in Berlin.
The film is what one could describe as
"reality-fiction". It is made to appear like
a fiction film, but actually blends the
borders between fiction and documentary.
The only actors in the film are the main
character, Albin, and his former girlfriend
Lisa. All other characters in the film are
real human beings, convinced, at the time of shooting, that they are in a documentary.

William Olsson, the director, and Johannes Albin
Alfvén, the main actor, traveled to Berlin
together. In order to move around freely and to
blend in more easily, William had no crew, but
did the filming himself.

Johannes became one with Albin and William
told the people they met that he was doing a
documentary about his friend Albinís journey.

People opened up their lives and the camera was
allowed to register everything as "Albin" made
friends for real, interacted in their lives and
fell in love.

The film was shot this way to attain a realism
that can only be achieved through a documentary
technique. Real people. Real places.

In one word: Authenticity.

The "real" characters in the film
were informed after the shooting
and have given their approval to
appear in The Traveler.

The Traveler not only poses questions of what
is real and what is fiction. It captures the
essence of the backpacker culture and of a very confused, yet hopeful generation.

It is a film about young peoples dreams and
difficulties. About people from all over the
world coming together at a hostel during a

The Traveler tells the compelling story of a
confused young man trying to find a meaning
in life.