Reality Fiction


When confronted by his longtime girlfriend,
telling him that he is unable to love and
is more dead than alive, Albin's life falls
apart. He gets fired from his job at a bank
and cannot push himself to take the final
exam for a prestigious M.B.A. degree.

Albin flees home in desperation and ends up at a seedy hostel in former East Berlin.

After meeting an aspiring Polish actress in an artist's squat, Albin decides to find a new meaning in life and become an author.

But the young Polish woman departs for Warsaw unexpectedly, leaving a note declaring her love for Albin.
Confused and dejected, Albin wanders the streets of Berlin.

Albin finds a friend at the hostel
with whom he explores the adventurous
underground techno scene of Berlin.

They meet two English girls and the days are spent playing and partying.

Fulfilled by his newfound friends, Albin decides to stay in Berlin. Running out of money, he takes a job as a cleaner at the hostel.

He becomes involved with an American exchange student and hangs around with a homeless musician.

Meanwhile, Loveparade, the annual festival of sex, drugs and electronica is approaching...