Director's Statement



Director's Statement

Being in Mexico with my parents as a teenager, I remember one evening when we were sitting in a taxicab in Mexico City. We were waiting at a traffic light when a little boy selling roses walked up to the car window. He was tired, dirty and beat. He stared at me through the window, begging me to buy his last roses. I never had time to buy any roses. The traffic started to move and I was left with a feeling that it could have been me out there. Had I been born in another country. Had I been less fortunate.

I grew up in a wealthy loving home in Sweden. But the notion that life could have been very different has always haunted me. Perhaps that explains why a fortunate Swede like me, living in the U.S., makes a film about a poor girl in Latin America searching for a lost father?

The film is a modern interpretation of Hans Christian Andersenís "The Little Match Girl". And although Rosaís World is very different from my own, I have never been more honest in my filmmaking. About my true perception of life and society.